Welcome To Cambrick Yard

This website is for both Cambrick Yard staff and those who are interested in what we do and how we do it. We're always looking for talented people, so be sure to check out our opportunities section. Also feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Creator, Writer, YouTube Presenter

We are a small, dynamic new media company that does things a little differently. We look for team members who thrive on new challenges and who want to be part of a cutting-edge company experiencing exponential growth.

We are looking to bring part-time and full-time Disney-loving content creators to our team. We are a fun, collaborative, dedicated, hard-working group.

A Conundrum: Shall We “Kill it” or “Crush it?”

At Cambrick Yard we have faced some serious dilemmas in trying to develop a new kind of media company, but this one really vexes us: Should we be trying to kill it or crush it?

We’ve always been in the market for a term to describe what we want CY team members to do. If you’re invested, excited, and feeling like you want to strut around triumphantly after you’re done doing some work, you’re probably “killing it” … or maybe “crushing it?” That’s the part we can’t figure out.

A Results-Only Work Environment Better Have Results

I first heard of “Results-Only Work Environments” (ROWE) in the book Work Sucks.  We’d describe a ROWE as an environment where work is about producing RESULTS.  To to say we’re strong advocates of this approach is an understatement.  It’s the way we want to be treated, so it’s the only way we’re comfortable treating others.  But it can be an adjustment for many people.  To some a ROWE sounds like a utopia, but you have to remember that it means you’re on the hook for producing like you've never produced before.

The Number One Secret to Making Money: Adding Value

Are you interested in learning my secret technique for making more money?  Most people spend considerable time wishing they were earning more, but not very much time thinking about why they deserve to earn more.  There is one foundational habit that you need to develop if you want to make as much money possible.  No matter what you’re doing, you should always ask yourself:  Am I just working or am I adding value?

Why Cambrick Yard?

Scanning the sky today I feel a twinge of sadness at the distinct absence of flying cars and personal jet packs.  When I was young I was assured that these would be a common feature of the future.  If you’re anything like me, today’s world may not be the utopian future you were expecting, but let me assure you of something: We are living in a future in many ways more wonderful than what we visualized when we were young.  Most people still haven’t recognized this promise, but at Cambrick Yard we’re trying to help people capitalize on it.